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Mourinho vows to break Blues record

By: Mdadisi Mambo On: 8:28 PM
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  • Jose Mourinho has vowed to break his own record as the longest serving Chelsea manager to have worked under owner Roman Abramovich by seeing out his four year contract as Blues boss.

    Mourinho has insisted he will ‘never leave Chelsea unless they ask me to’ and has suggested he mapped out his career on his own terms from the moment he first arrived at Stamford Bridge back in 2004.
    Successful spells in charge of Inter Milan and Real Madrid were to follow before his return to Chelsea last summer, with Mourinho stressing the path he has followed was pre-designed many years ago.
    Mourinho may have had a reputation for being a short-term manager in his colourful coaching career to date, but he hopes this spell as Chelsea manager has a longevity that will defy both his own and Abramovich’s history.
    “The record for a Chelsea manager with this owner is three and a half years and I have four-year contract, so hopefully I beat the record,” said Mourinho.
    “I stay until they want me not to stay. No other club could move me from Chelsea. I think everything should start for a manager with a project of life, with a project of career and I had my career project since the beginning and this is for me.
    “I want to do in Italy, I want to do it in Spain, I want to do it in England. I want to try to win all these competitions in these three big football countries. It’s something I want to do, something I want to do during the time my son and my daughter (are still living with him), so we can do it as a family.
    “The ambitions I have are the same. I’m not here because I want to be stable, I’m not here because I don’t want to win. It is the opposite. I want even more, but it’s a different project of career and in this moment I know where I want to be and it’s so simple.
    “This is why I change my management style at Chelsea. It is one thing is to have a relation with my players that I know are going to be my players for a couple of years and then you are more confrontational.
    “Another thing is to educate players with a relation and with an empathy that I’m sure is going to be here for five, six, seven, eight years. It is a completely different profile and that is why I say I change in this job.”
    Mourinho went on to express his belief that the mentality and attitude of owner Abramovich has altered a decade into his reign as Blues owner, with patience now sewn into the fabric of Chelsea like never before.
    “This club has changed now and this is why it was the right time for me to return,” believes Mourinho. “The club is more mature, the club is stable, the club knows what it really wants. It’s easy to say what the club wants. The club wants to win.
    “I wouldn’t come just because I love Chelsea and want to come back. No, I come because I believe in the club, I believe in the project and I believe the owner has learned a lot in the last ten years.
    “For me it was very, very clear since the first time I met the owner before I come back, that his ideals were very, very clear. He believes that I was the right person to work with the club, and I was very happy with that.”


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